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Judge Rules Against Vonage on Patents

Alexandria, Va. (AP) - A federal judge on Friday ordered a permanent injunction against Internet phone carrier Vonage for use of rival Verizon Communications Inc.'s patents. But the injunction, which could potentially cause major disruptions to the service provided by Vonage to its 2 million customers, will not take effect for at least two weeks. U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton said he will wait two weeks to officially enter the injunction while he considers Vonage's request for an extended stay.

Verizon sued Vonage last year for infringing on five patents it said makes the Internet telephone service network functional. On March 8, the eight-person jury found that Vonage had infringed on three of them. And it ruled that Vonage must pay $58 million, plus possible future royalties, to Verizon. That was far less than the $197 million that Verizon had requested, and was even slightly less than what Vonage had suggested would be fair if it were found liable.

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